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Company background   Founded in 1984, Market Street’s initial business plan was to provide CPM scheduling, records management, and software development services to the building industry. Typically, Market Street employees provided these services on a consulting (fee-for-service) basis.

In the intervening years, Market Street contracted to work on numerous, large engineering design and construction projects. The company built databases for the purposes of operations and maintenance, document control, progress payments tracking, etc. This work was carried out in project offices and construction trailers throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.

As the company acquired valuable domain knowledge, it also identified software requirements that transcended all projects. VISTA 2020® became the solution that evolved from the experience Market Street shared with its many clients. Our clients loved VISTA 2020 because they helped to design it.

Today, Market Street continues this approach to evolving and enhancing VISTA 2020 - never allowing it to stagnate or become irrelevant. Initially, VISTA 2020's design keyed off the major complaints about its competition, i.e., they were too complicated, too difficult to learn and use, and too inflexible.

Market Street determined from the start that VISTA 2020 would address each of those complaints. The company believed it was pointless to develop another “me, too” product. Market Street also noted that its competition emphasized collaboration at the expense of risk mitigation, or anticipated cost reporting.

These attributes are the key ways in which VISTA 2020 distinguishes itself from its competition. This is the reason why the world's largest surety and insurance broker stated it wanted to acquire 40 percent of Market Street - because Market Street understands the importance of risk mitigation better than any of its competitors.

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