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1. What is VISTA 2020®'s #1 benefit?

2. How else does VISTA 2020 save costs?

3. Who uses VISTA 2020?

4. How does VISTA 2020 mitigate risk?

5. How does VISTA 2020 link project team members, regardless of their location or time zone?

6. Can external documents be added to VISTA 2020?

7. What are the security measures?

8. How much training do I need?

9. Why would I subscribe to VISTA 2020 online, rather than use our own internally developed software?

10. What differentiates VISTA 2020 from the competition?

11. May I view a VISTA 2020 demo?

12. How do I purchase and implement VISTA 2020?

13. Are we buying a license when we subscribe to VISTA 2020?

14. How easy is it to open a VISTA 2020 account?

15. How long does it take to get VISTA 2020 up and running for a new customer?

16. What hardware and software do I need to use VISTA 2020?

17. Who is Market Street Technologies?

12. How do I purchase and implement VISTA 2020?

After you’ve viewed the VISTA 2020 demo, Market Street Technologies’ Sales Department will talk to you about your training needs and the number of subscribers who will be using VISTA 2020. An agreement that addresses your needs will be drawn up and signed by both parties. Once the contract is in place, we’ll work closely with your staff to develop a project-specific template – a sample project that contains data and settings common to all of your projects to use as a starting point. This template is called your VISTA Dashboard™. Once your VISTA Dashboard is complete, all new subscribers will attend one four-hour training session. Then, they will be given their login user name and password; and they will be off and running as proficient users. One or two users, those designated as account administrators, will receive additional advanced training on how to configure the product and modify security settings.

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