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1. What is VISTA 2020®'s #1 benefit?

2. How else does VISTA 2020 save costs?

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2. How else does VISTA 2020 save costs?

A typical construction project can save more than 30% of administrative costs (for example, travel, printing, phone, fax, courier, and staff) by using project management software. Jerry Laiserin, a consultant to the AEC industry, has identified significant cost savings just by reducing the need for overnight express services.

More importantly, since VISTA 2020 tracks and controls project cost-related documents (labor/timesheets, materials purchase orders, rented equipment, subcontracts, etc.), it provides an up-to-the-minute snapshot of current project costs and an early warning for any costs that may be about to exceed planned budget. This enables project managers to fix a potential problem before it becomes a real, costly problem.

Finally, VISTA 2020 provides a complete project audit trail that can be quickly searched, eliminating tedious searches through file cabinets filled with paper documentation.

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