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1. What is VISTA 2020®'s #1 benefit?

2. How else does VISTA 2020 save costs?

3. Who uses VISTA 2020?

4. How does VISTA 2020 mitigate risk?

5. How does VISTA 2020 link project team members, regardless of their location or time zone?

6. Can external documents be added to VISTA 2020?

7. What are the security measures?

8. How much training do I need?

9. Why would I subscribe to VISTA 2020 online, rather than use our own internally developed software?

10. What differentiates VISTA 2020 from the competition?

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15. How long does it take to get VISTA 2020 up and running for a new customer?

16. What hardware and software do I need to use VISTA 2020?

17. Who is Market Street Technologies?

4. How does VISTA 2020 mitigate risk?

VISTA 2020 is one of very few project accountability and risk mitigation solutions that includes both document and real-time cost control. Anticipated cost reporting provides project managers with the information needed to take decisive and early action to avoid having to engineer, build, or buy out of cost and schedule problems a major competitive advantage.

As participants add, review, and approve project documents in VISTA 2020, all potential change order proposals (COPs) and approved changes (COs) instantly revise the project budget. Budgets may be tracked online daily to determine if a problem or potential problem is present. Timesheets and purchase orders also, automatically, roll up to the budget; and this information can then be exported into your company's accounting system.

VISTA 2020 automatically creates a legal audit trail, which helps resolve disputes and fend off claims and litigation. Issues can be resolved immediately, rather than tabled for post-project resolution. VISTA 2020 provides continuity by integrating project phases, i.e., project design, construction, operations and maintenance.

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