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Benaroya Symphony Hall

"A key element in the success of Benaroya Symphony Hall was the ability to accurately track information being transferred between the multiple players involved in the construction. VISTA 2020 was the project communication management system we used, and it performed even better than we had hoped. It was definitely one of the main reasons Benaroya Symphony Hall came in on time and under budget. I am sold on VISTA 2020 and plan to use it in future projects.

Andrew Clapham
Principal, Andrew Clapham & Associates

"I have seen what project communication software can do to enhance the construction process. All of us involved in the construction of Benaroya Symphony Hall used an early version of VISTA 2020 on a daily basis. It made the difference between making or missing our construction milestones. I recommend its consideration for every project."

Jim Cade
Principal, LMN Architects

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